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(7/14/01 2:53:14 pm)
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Makarov 9x18s (Just Who's King of the Hill?
Been trying to find out for quite a while now.
Just what makes Makarov s popular and are they
a quality hand gun? You never hear about the manufacturing
backgrounds of the imports...wonder why? Who keeps track of production methods and ratings of these US STEP KIDS?
Are there any plans afoot in the ole USA to mfg. a like weapon?
Charlie D
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(7/14/01 5:40:27 pm)
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My sister has a Russian (Baikal) Makarov and loves it. I've shot it and have to admit it was quite a bargain for the price. The only problem is finding quality ammo. But with so many coming into the US now, maybe that'll change.

Mr Jody Hudson
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(7/15/01 7:08:27 pm)
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Re: Makarov 9x18s (Just Who's King of the Hill?
The Makarov is a FINE pistol and when I first ordered one, it was $1,200 and a year wait.

They will not be made in the US as the quality is too high to be made affordably here. If made here, I venture they'd have to come in around $2,000 if they held the quality to what is now available for between $100 and $200.

Makarovs RULE, because of accuracy, dependability, reliability, longevity, perfection and accuracy. Also the guns and ammo are cheap!

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(7/16/01 12:02:07 am)
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I favor the east germans over any FEG models also. Then again hard to find a bad one...ammo is becoming more plentiful everyday. There are even accessory grips now...I guess the Maks have arrived....regards swede
Wyoming Swede

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(7/16/01 4:04:04 pm)
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My Russian Mak is one of my favorite handguns, I have to say I think it's probably the best all-around defense pistol I've ever owned. Some guns may do some things alot better but nothing else can do so much, so well! That's the reason it became THE Russian Military handgun. The Russians were planning on designing and instituting a "full-size handgun", but because of the MAK's performance, they didn't have to! The MAK then replaced the TOK as "THE" service sidearm. Quality ammo is everywhere now, and if you look around you can find some good defense loads. Hornady makes an H.P. and Magsafe used to make a 9x18 load(I still have some stashed away,heh-heh-heh!) Very accurate, incredibly reliable, and more than enough gun to get the job done (if you do your part!) What else do you want from a "BARGAIN" handgun!
(Just my .02)
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