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(9/19/02 6:03:43 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Making an replica Enfield shoot straight. (help!)
Very frustrating and any input will be greatly appreciated.
I've always wanted a minnie-ball shooter and ran out to buy one.(1st mistake) I bought a .58cal 1858 Enfield Two Band mfg: EuroArms..and I believe it to be a 1-66" twist.(opps)(2nd mistake)

It doesn't appear to stabilize a minnie and I haven't returned to the range with round balls yet. Does anyone have advice for me before I get back range. What is my load range with 2ff? The sights don't appear to have a windage adjustment. Are there any rear sight replacements that will install easily? Is this gun just for looks and re-enactments? It won't hit a 12x12 at 50yards with a minnie bullet. Send help..Please!

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(9/20/02 2:02:49 pm)
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Welcome to the forum Ned. We are glad you have joined us. I have no knowledge of black powder, but I have asked the other moderators to assist you. We have many members that are quite knowledgable.

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(9/20/02 3:11:40 pm)
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Hi Ned, and welcome to The Firearms Forum. What's the chance of getting a little more information? Like what charge are you using and what kind of wad? Are you using manufactuerd ball or what? I'm sorry to hear you are having such a discouraging start. I'm sure we can figure out the problem.
Be patient and give us a chance to help you out.
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(9/21/02 8:41:36 am)
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Hi Zigzag,

Here's what I know..or think I know.. The rifle is a .58 2band Enfield 'Navy Pattern' mfg: EuroArms. Their website claims it has a 1:48 twist. I think it is a 1:66 twist. My ramrod does a half a turn removing it from it's 33" barrel. I've tried 2 minnies so far. A 525grain from Buffalo Bullets and another from Dixon's(not much info on that 1) Looked like the standard 58 minnie. I shot them with 60grains of 2ff and they went somewhere...nowhere where I aimed. The rifle shoots a .570 roundball with .10'prelube'patch with 70g/2ff pretty good but I want a minnie ball shooter. I didn't try shooting the minnies with a larger load of 2ff due to lack of loading data and now I'm wonder if 60 was enough to get the skirt to expand to rifling? No windage adjustment on these rifles?? They should have called it , "Enfield windage" instead of "Kentucky.." Any suggestions are very welcome!

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(9/23/02 3:09:20 am)
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The twist is too slow for a minnie ball, stick to round balls for accuracy. Anything slower than 1 turn in 48 inches is strictly ball and anything faster than that is for minnie balls. The 1 turn in 48 inches is a compromise twist adaquate for both but best for neither.
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(9/27/02 7:56:28 pm)
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One .58 caliber 2 band Enfield.

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(12/14/02 8:07:54 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del Making an replica Enfield shoot straight. (help!)
Ned, dont give up yet. I used to shoot a Euroarms Enfield musketoon in compitition. You are correct, there is no adjustment for windage. I had the same problem. Try adding a piece of steel to the front sight blade on the appropriate side. If the gun shoots to the right, put it on the right side. Experiment with different thickness material untill you get what you want. As for powder charge, I used 30 grains of fff G with excellent results. I know some of you out there will scoff at this, but it really does work well. Everyone on my team used this charge, some using the same rifle you have.
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