Man Caught Cheating on Google Street View

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Straying Husband Caught by Google 'Cheat' View
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009,2933,511778,00.html

    A furious British wife has called in divorce lawyers after spotting her husband's car parked outside another woman's house — on Google.

    She saw the Range Rover while using the Internet giant's new Street View service to snoop on a female friend's home.

    The hubby had claimed he was away on business, but his missus recognized his SUV immediately because of its blinged-up hubcaps.

    The love cheat is not the only husband trapped by Google's controversial new 360-degree photo search, which covers 25 cities and towns throughout Britain.

    Top media lawyer Mark Stephens said: "I was talking about the Range Rover case when another divorce lawyer came up to say his firm was dealing with the same sort of thing. People are getting caught out on Google. I suspect the husband's lawyers will claim it was an invasion of privacy that will cost him his marriage and Range Rover."
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    Interesting story. Of course those photos aren't necessarily recent. I've only recently become familiar with Google Earth. I'm still not sure if there isn't a privacy objection involved with this service. For one thing I've found you can't get a street view for a lot of other countries. Not sure I care for the fact that U.S. homes can be viewed by anyone in the world but not the other way around. Then again, it could be interesting if one had the addresses for example of those terrorist training camps in this country.

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    All the photos pf my town were taken in summer-fall of 2 years ago, so they arnt that recent...
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    Jul 13, 2007
    "Bingled-up" hubcaps?
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    The thing that cracks me up about those Brits that cry about their privacy being invaded by a snapshot, is that they are photographed something like 200 times a day by their own govt.

    I mean really, if I can walk down the street with a camera, take a picture, post it on the web, what is the problem?

    Google earth supplies more personal security than most people posting pictures do. They blur out license plate numbers, and if you really have a serious concern about a picture that was posted, they will work with you to edit the shot.

    Sure these privacy concerns are valid, but if people scream and shout to loud, we all will suffer the consequences.
    Like this for example. Or Al Gore will sell the rights of the internet to the UN.

    Can you imagine what would happen if the democrats / liberals got control of the IE? OMG!