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Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles and Carbines
From the 1939 Stoeger catalog
Part One:

At the time Stoeger's Catalog #31, New York World's Fair 1939 Jubilee Issue, was printed Stoeger Arms Corporation of New York was the sole importer of Mannlicher Schoenauer sporting rifles and carbines to the United States well as Mauser, 'Luger', and some other European arms.

Mannlicher Schoenauer sporting arms had gained a worldwide reputation of worthiness by the third decade of the 20th century and t
he M1924 Mannlicher Schoenauer, with its longer 'High Velocity' receiver, had been originally chambered in "the U.S. 1906 cartridge" (.30-'06) for import as the 'Sequoia'.

The previous models of MS had all been manufactured in full stocked (stutzen) or half stocked versions with single or double trigger, various barrel lengths and features, and were model specific as to their proprietary caliber:
M1903 - 6.5X54
M1905 - 9X56
M1908 - 8X56
M1910 - 9.5X57

Unsold M1924 rifles and carbines were returned to the Steyr factory in Austria to be reconfigured for cartridges more popular in Europe. Referred to as M1925, those and M1903 through 1910 Mannlichers continued limited production through the anchluss, or Nazi occupation of Austria.

Mannlicher Schoenauer rifles , carbines, and parts were offered on pages 50, 51, and 52.

Click on Images to Enlarge:
ST39 400dpi 50 Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles 001.jpg ST39 400dpi 51 Mannlicher Schoenauer 2 001.jpg
ST39 400dpi 52 MS Parts 001.jpg

ST39 400dpi 275 MS DWM Cartridges 001 (2).jpg

Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) for M1903, M1905, M1908, M1910

ST39 400dpi 50 Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles 001 (6).jpg

The '39 Stoeger listed the carbine in the MS calibers as well as .30-'06 and 7x57

Note; the (M1903) 6.5x54 is listed as 6.5x53. Some catalogs list the 9.5x57 as 9.5x56, the Brits called it .375 Nitro Express rimless.

ST39 400dpi 50 Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles 001 (5).jpg

'Sporter' half stock with four other 'High Velocity' offerings, 7x64, 8x60, 9.3x62, 10.75x68

ST39 400dpi 50 Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles 001 (3).jpg

The 'Take Down Model', a $15.00 cost option.
Per, $15.00 in 1939 would be equal to $263.87 in 2017. A $175.00 Mannlicher Schoenauer would be comparable to $3,078.54 .

ST39 400dpi 50 Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles 001 (4).jpg

More options and their prices, circa 1939.
For those seeking to identify or authenticate a 'pre war' Mannlicher Schoenauer, notice the various barrel lengths, "stock specifications differing from standard", scope mounts, barrel rib and other options.
My M1910, proofed in 1922, is in the Take Down configuration with folding peep sight (tang sight) and horn capped compartment in pistol grip with extra sight bead. It wears a period Gerard Model G claw mounted scope and has its original fitted case.

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