Marking Identification (Help!) - Czech Mauser (VZ24)

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    Jun 26, 2018
    I always take on the daunting task of trying to ID my military rifle's many markings. Just got this Czech VZ24. I believe it was ordered by Romania originally. Any help on additional markings would be greatly appreciated, I would love to get some history on this one!

    1. "E" - pistol grip
    2. "SZ" symbol, faded round stamp, crossed out PR20321 - stock/butt
    3. triangle (or V with line over), 'cursive "r"' shape - barrel
    4. R - barrel (Romania I believe...)
    5. "26" (Inspector# I'm assuming), two "M"' with partial box around it - barrel, receiver
    6. Serial#DR21260 - Romanian ordered I believe...
    7. "3" on top of stock
    1. P_20180626_081956_vHDR_On.jpg
    2. P_20180626_082111_vHDR_On.jpg
    3. P_20180626_082238_vHDR_On.jpg
    4. P_20180626_082254_vHDR_On.jpg
    5. P_20180626_082429_vHDR_On.jpg
    6. P_20180626_082458_vHDR_On.jpg
    7. P_20180626_082046_vHDR_On.jpg
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    The 2018 edition of Gun Digest has a several page article covering the VZ24 Mauser. Welcome to the FORUM..