Marlin 1895G Warranty Question

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 23, 2003.

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    just noticed my 1895G has a crack in the stock at the back of the tang through the wrist, I bought it new in Oct. 2000 would this be covered under warranty? especially since I never mailed in the card, or should I just glue and pin it and call it part of the guns character?

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    Re: Marlin suggestions please
    No sir. Contact Marlin - they have fantastic customer service.

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    thanks Doc
    always wonder about warranty work after running the shop at the car dealer's, some things are excluded try telling someone with a new $30k+ 4x4 that the clutch (they smoked) isn't covered and they have to pay got to watch 'em stomp their feet, pound on the counter, scream and shout, threaten, cry, pout, etc. folks whose primary language wasn't english were always the most fun you just get to stand there smile and nod
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