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Marlin 1895LTD

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 26, 2003.

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    (1/31/02 6:10:25 pm)
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    Hey, Doc - Crusty - Anyone!

    Value of Marlin Model 1895LTD, (supposedly one of 1,000 limited edition) 45-70, Half octagon, half round 24" bbl, straight carbine stock, no checkering, 7 round tube, Ser # DFC0002xx. 99++% (couple of very minor scratches on buttstock). Paid $600 for rifle, 100 rounds once-fired brass, 100 commercial cast bullets and new set of Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension reloading dies. Whadda' you think - fair deal?

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    (1/31/02 6:13:04 pm)
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    Re: Marlin Model 1895LTD
    If that's the one with the French gray receiver with a couple of bears on one side and the "Marlin Man" on the other, yep, I'd say you did OK.

    NIB is around $1100 or so.
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    Nope, not the one, Doc - I believe that's called their 125 yr anniversary issue, then they had one with some elk inletted on them for "Employee Issue" guns. I saw one of these on GalleryofGuns.com, called the 1895LTD-V, but it had a pistol grip stock. Retailed for $800.