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Marlin 336 RC

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I have a Marlin 336 RC Texan model i believe since it has the straight stock and 16 1/4" barrel. The seriel number begins with Z. I am unable to post a picture at the moment but the gun is 90-95%. Excellent wood and bluing. Do these guns have any sort of collector or resale value?
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Actually it does if in the condition you describe, as what you have described in the Model 336 "Marauder" made only in 1963 and 1964 I believe. These guns are not marked Marauder on the barrel; only identified as such in period catalogs, and the distinguishing features of this model are the 16 1/4" barrel and straight style "Texan" stock; which ID is then confirmed by the "Z" serial number prefix assigned to first year production models. Most were made in 30/30 Win; but a few were chambered in .35 Rem, and those models are the most highly collected. Depending on condition, caliber, and the level of collector interest; Marauder auction site prices will range from $450-$800. New in the box examples with all period paper work fetch as much as $1200 at auction.
I agree with Tom, you have a good one there.

One sold on a gun auction site recently for $3000.

That's doesn't mean they are worth that much, just that someone really wanted that one.

30-30 Win. or .35 Rem. cal., 16 1/4 in. barrel. 5,856 mfg. 1963-64.

Approx. 65% were mfg. in .30-30 Win. cal., and 35% were mfg. in .35 Rem.

Be careful of re-barreled examples of this model.

Add 10% for .35 cal.

The most current Blue Book value for one in 100% condition is shown as $550. :eek: Another example of how off the BB can be from actual prices paid.

Are you just wanting a value for insurance or do you intend to sell?
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I hadn't thought of selling it but just wondering if it had any real value. It is just filling space in the safe. I had found the Texas style online but it said that it had 20" barrel but did have the straight stock. I just assumed it was the Texas model. I will ask my son if he can take some photos and try to post them on here so you can look at it. I don't know for sure but I doubt that it has ever been rebarelled, A fried of mine bought about a half dozen guns from an older gentlemana while back and he claims he bought them all new. He had some handguns that were still in the box and had never been fired. He also had an old 1897 pump 16 gauge shotgun. It lloked very old....but was very tight. Sorry for getting sidetracked, I will see if my son can take some pictures. Exactly what should I take pictures of on the gun?
I had a couple (brass saddle ring?) with 20" barrels in 30-30-
I think as others that your much more scarce model has some value to a Marlin collector - Doubt it'd come anywhere close to $3000 tho--
I can't figure out how to post the pictures!!!
I can't figure out how to post the pictures!!!
You need a host like photobucket :)
these pictures are not very clear, I know...i had one heck of a time loading them. I do have more but they really aren't any better.
your gun has all the period correct features of an original Marauder; and with the "Z" serial number prefix, there is no doubt in my mind that the gun is authentic.
It looks real nice!

What caliber is it?

This will make picture looking easier...

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I have been wanting one of those in 35 Remington for a while.

To go with this 1966 336 44Magnum
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Very nice looking .44 Magnum. Years ago I had one too and foolishly let it go. Unfortunately the Marlin that I have is in 30-30 not in the 35 Remington.
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