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    Need ID on Marlin pump shotgun. Has last Pat. date Dec 21 1909. No model # serial # is 218. Hammerless. Has device on mag tube that allows quick pulg changes. 30" barrel and barrel marked L60L78F barrel has a pattern on top of barrel like a vented rib would have. The reciever has a decoker/slide release at rear. Looks like a hammer model mag tube, barrel, and slide with a hammerless reciever. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Marlin ID
    Not much to go on there. Assuming its 12ga, and a takedown model, it is probably a Model 28.

    That's not a decocker, just a slide lock release.

    Marlin has issued safety bulletins advising not to fire that model (as well as others of similar age).

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