Marlin Model 39D

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    Reply Marlin Model 39D
    My uncle recently gave me a lever-action Marlin model 39-D, and I was wondering where I could come up with instructions on how to take it apart for cleaning.


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    Re: Marlin Model 39D
    1) Unload it.

    2) Unload it again.

    3) There is a large knurled screw on the right side of the receiver that is conveniently slotted for a coin. Unscrew that until the threads are free (not necessary to completely remove it).

    4) Put the hammer in its safety notch ('half-cock').

    5) Bump the left side of the buttstock with the heel of your hand. You will see the buttstock and its attached parts loosening from the receiver. Go ahead and seperate the two pieces.

    6) On the front part, slide the breechbolt rearward until it stops, then lift it out of the receiver. The firing pin lifts out of the breechbolt.

    It is not necessary to disassemble further for simple cleaning.

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    Reply Re: Marlin Model 39D
    Thank you much from the Last Frontier!

    I followed your instructions and had no problems breaking it down, or reassembling it. It sure is a fun rifle to shoot.

    Thanks Again!!

  2. axelson39D

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    Sep 13, 2009
    I am needing some info on the 39D also. I am needing the buttstock for one, i am not sure which year it is 71, 72 or 73. I tried a 39A pistol grib and it was too wide to fit inside. i was also told that i could be a straight stock.... so if anyone could help me out, or has the part that i need that would be great.

  3. GunHugger

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    The 39D takes the very same butt stock as the 39A and many other Marlin pistol stocked rifles including the 336A, 336C, 1895, 375, 444, 30A, 39A & 39S. If you tried to fit a new butt stock from a 39A and the stock was too tight it is because you need to fit them most of the time. If you try to force it you will crack the stock.

    I have to say "i was also told that it could be a straight stock.... "

    You have the it a pistol gripped stock or is it a straight stock? :D

    Here's a pistol grip stock:

    Straight stock:

    Numrich Gun Parts had many Marlin stocks at a fair price, but they seem to be sold out right now. When I bought a few three months ago they had a lot to pick from, not now. I was going to link to a few for you.

    BOB'S Gun Shop has some listed, give them a call.

    Or call Marlin @
    By Phone:
    Main Switchboard: (203) 239-5621
    Gun Service (800) 544-8892

    But, I'm betting that Marlin will only have the new stocks with checkering in stock. Your forearm is uncheckered and it won't look right..or be right.

    Check out the Classifieds forum here, you might find what you need.
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