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marlin model 91-m1 tube fed

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i have had this marlin for many years,i refinished the stock,reblued the barrel and repainted the action with baked on paint.i did this many years ago and i think its time to take care of the innards,what parts should i order to renew the action.just so you know,i have had very few problems with this gun only a few ftf and once in a while a problem on feed ramp(did not chamber)these are few and far between.i will also need to know where to order them and if there are any type of whiz bangs to install at this time. old semperfi
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If you have had very few problems I wouldn't replace or change anything unless the issues become a regular thing. Clean it good and use it. If you need parts here is the link
nobody has answered my questions,what parts might i need and where to buy new parts.numerich is for used parts i thought. old semperfi
To tell you the truth, unless there is a constant reoccuring issue or something is definitely broken you should not replace anthing.

It might need a little servicing, polishing the hammer, bolt, receiver, feed ramp, Give the ejectors a good cleaning, etc... If you are hard pressed to replace something you can order a whole new trigger assembly and just pop it in.

Midway USA, Brownells and Numrich are probably your best bets. Numrich does carry new parts as well as used part. I hope this helps.
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