marlin or savage .17 HMR

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  1. kar298

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    Mar 22, 2004
    johnstown, pa
    i am thinking about getting a .17 HMR but am not sure which one to get i have narrowed it down to either the marlin 917v with the T-900 trigger or the savage 93R17-GV the one with the accutrigger. out of these two guns which one would be better? pros and cons of each gun?

  2. Peanut Man

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    Feb 3, 2006
    All I can tell you is that I have one of the Marlins and it shoots really nicely. I did a "trigger spring replacement" with one from a Papermate pen as described on the rimfirecentral website. I wish I had gotten a more powerful scope for punching paper. I have a 4-12x and I'd love a 24x.

    Peanut Man

  3. MarkC

    MarkC Member

    Jan 15, 2006
    Badger fan in the Hawkeye State
    I too have the 917V. I think it shoots well keeping groups around an inch at 100 and basically touching at 50. I also enjoy shooting at 200 where it can typically group under 2.5"... it's fun to "play the wind" at 200. I have not had any trigger work done, but feel it would improve the gun tremendously. The trigger is probably the worst part of the whole package. Not sure what my problem is... I just hate aftermarket work. I'm probalby missing out on lots.

    I do agree with Peanut Man in that a high power variable is the ticket on these guns. I went with a 8-24x40 BSA Mil Dot. I think BSA is basically junk, but I figured it should hold up on the 17HMR and I'm not too worried about immaculate clarity... so, I'm pleasantly pleased with the Mil Dot at under at $100. I would buy another for my next 17... even over the sweet 17. Once you get your bearings stright with the Mil Dots... it's right on at all the different yardages with no adjustments. Just got to know with Dot to use.

    With that being said, and knowing the fact that I'm not a fan of aftermarket work being done... I plan to purchase one of the Savages, preferably the 93R17BTVS, not out yet from what I've found. I think the accutrigger on this paper puncher will be wonderful.

    I think all things being equal... I'd choose the 93R17GV over my Marlin simply because of the trigger. With a decent trigger, I'd stick with the Marlin.

    Good Luck

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