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I have an XT-22TR which is a tube fed model. It likes CCI ammo really well but it will shoot pretty much up to the level of the ammo I use. If I use cheap ammo it doesn't shoot that great. If I use Tenex or Ultra Match then it shoots really well. But to be honest it won't keep up with either my Savage MkIITBV or CZ 453. What it does do is shoot shorts. It holds 25 of them at a time. That's a lot for a rifle with no box mag. Most rifles that hold that many rounds have a big banana mag hanging off the bottom somewhere or they have a ammo chamber on top of the firearm. I prefer the older design and that makes my XT a special rifle IMO. I wouldn't sell it for any reason because I would just want another one. It is pretty darn accurate. It's just that other rifles are better but not by a wide margin or anything.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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