Maryland Banning hunting because of "Sniper"

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    WBAL Radio News

    Executive Order Banning Outdoor Discharging Of Guns In Several Maryland Counties
    October 15, 2002 WBAL Radio as reported by Anne Kramer

    Governor Glendening has issued an executive order banning the outdoor discharge of guns in four Maryland counties.

    Those counties include Montgomery, Howard,Prince George's and Anne Arundel.

    Governor Glendening says the order bans the discharge of weapons for recreational purposes including hunting.

    Glendening says the action will help limit public reports of shots fired that can distract police personnel and equipment as the reports are investigated.

    The executive order does not inlcude private approved shooting ranges.

    The ban is temporary.


    I heard today on NPR that the FBI wants Military to use their stuff. all the hi-tech stuff they use

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    I hope they find that sick bast#@d real soon.
    In this age where truth is fleeting and mass manipulation is common, the ability to detect when something doesn't make sense is a valuable one.