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    hi i was wondering if it is legal to have 30 rd mags in maryland. i know that you can only buy 20 rd mags but i was getting some mixed info on the net. and if it is illegal what are the consequences for getting caught with them.
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    Hello pardner , I am no expert of other states..but found following on web on a Maryland forum....from quick reading I gatherss the following :

    - 20 round magazine for rifles
    - 20 round similiar for handguns
    - no such limit on tubular 22 longguns
    - and this is "detachable" if your weapon has a 50 round well built in...hey good!
    - APPEARS perfectly legal to posess or bring into MAryland higher capacity magazines ,then own, use,etc...just dont sell, buy, advertise within...etc...

    *- trying to help , consult local laws on web or ask

    *-see ezample of post below ..and entire post to determine and investigate further...


    Originally Posted by crolfe1 [​IMG]
    So wait. I can go to PA and purchase a 33 round magazine for the Glock 17, and use it here in Maryland. Or perhaps I bought a Beta or C mag for the AR-15, and I can use it here. That just doesn't sound legal. Is everyone sure this is okay with LEO and local ranges?

    BTW the regulation for 10 round limit for handguns expired. 20 round limit is the current mandate.

    Yes, it is perfectly legal to purchase or take receipt of High Cap magazines outside of Maryland and bring them in to the state to own, use, store, etc.

    The law only states that they can't be shipped or sold or someone receive them into their possession inside the state of Md.
    Originally Posted by Lambo [​IMG]
    Maryland is 20 max for Rifles, 10 max for Handguns!
    It is 20+ for handguns and rifles both. Also it is detachable mags, so if you have a fixed mag over 20 rounds then it is allowed.

    § 4-305.
    (a) This section does not apply to a .22 caliber rifle with a tubular magazine.

    (b) A person may not manufacture, sell, offer for sale, purchase, receive, or transfer a detachable magazine that has a capacity of more than 20 rounds of ammunition for a firearm.

    You must be confusing the defunct fed AW ban with the MD ban. The AW ban said 10 rounds max for both handguns and rifles IIRC.
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