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Hello fountains of knowledge,

I picked up a pretty nice sportswriter Mas 36 on Saturday. It has 2-7x redfield scopeI want to try some distance shooting with it but the trigger is very heavy.
I did a bit of reading and it seems I can replace the spring inside the bolt with a Wolff M1 carbine spring cut down to about 5.5-5.25 inches to get a trigger pull of about 5 pounds. However those posts did not specify exactly which spring to order? I do not want to order a spring I do not need.

On a related note, ammo is also impossible to find unless I want to pay an arm and a leg on *********. I did buy the one box of it at the gun show, but only 5 of the rounds were 7.5x54mm as advertised. The other 15 were 6.5x55 Swiss for some reason.
Luckily I’m a reloader and it seems normal 308 bullets are perfect and I can make the 7.5x54mm brass from 30-06. However it seems lee dies may be too tight so I should order rcbs.
Anyone have first hand experience with that?
Also here is a pic of the rifle just because:
Camouflage Military camouflage Leaf Branch Wood
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