Matchlock,1853 Enfield?& pistol

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    Oct 16, 2006
    Here I have 3 weapons I have been trying to get Id on for over a year,nothing definate yet,I tried on gunboards smokepole,got alot of interesting ideas,hope You all can help me figure out If they were right.
    The pistol does fire,the wood even appears to have an old blood stain fingerprint on the butt.I Believe the "Enfield " can be made to fire again,I do not know types of wood,but the butt appears to be modified,everyone so far believes it was modified most likely by indians due to tha brass plate being removed during modification.?About all I Know about the matchlock is that the barrel is 9 sided Not 8 and from all pic's I can find this is the only one with the trigger set up this way,also has original Hide& hair still attached.Ask me any questions you want I Will do my best to give you the best acurate answer. I would love to know if there worth anything.I have Alot more Pics,most are already loaded on gunboards blackpowder forum,subject is cap&ball pistol,& matchlock,by samben.Thanks, sam

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