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I'm pretty sure the OP is referring to Dakota's Model 70 style 3-position safety bolt shroud.
That's the only Mauser safety assembly that Dakota makes as far as I know.
I've never used the Dakota shroud, but it should be similar to the Gentry Custom unit (which is a very good upgrade if you want a Model 70 style safety).

Right off hand I can't think of any way that the safety could be causing the bolt to hang up as described other than that the bottom of the bolt shroud is too fat, causing the bolt to get wedged up against the top of the rails. Hard to tell without seeing the action in person though.
Does the bolt fully rotate open (including the little bit of "camming" action) or is it hanging up just short of the lugs disengaging the action?

I'm thinking the trigger and is a more likely culprit.

The first thing I would do is try each part individually to find out which one is causing the bolt to hang up.
Remove the trigger and cycle the action/safety. Obviously, the cocking piece won't be held back so you shouldn't be able to apply the safety to either position.
Try the new safety/shroud with your previous trigger.
Next, try the trigger with the original bolt shroud & safety lever.

Have you used layout dye (or a sharpie marker) to color all of the surfaces to check for any binding?
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