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Mauser code-42 P-08

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. CountryGunsmith

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    Jan 29, 2003
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    (9/5/02 7:54:20 pm)
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    This Luger has matching serial numbers (marked 770 and 70) and appears to be in superb condition. Any idea what it's worth?

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    (9/5/02 9:06:48 pm)
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    Re: Luger P08
    Toggle markings and proofs?
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    (9/6/02 12:12:13 pm)
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    The holster looks nice. Does it have markings on the back? does the clip match the serial #. is there an xtra clip and takedown tool in the holster? wHAT MARKS ON TOP OF THE CHAMBER, THERE ALSO MAY BE A # SUCH AS S42, DWM, BYF and maybe a # top of receiver behind barrel, indicates yr of manufacture. Look carefully for the little "waff" marks. Stylized eagle over a number. All this stuff means something. There are hundreds of variations of Lugers. much has been written about them. U could have a rarity or one that they banged out 10's of thousands. Have fun an good luck ib

    What Doc said.

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    (9/6/02 4:29:10 pm)
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    Sorry...should have added that.

    Clip serial number matches. Number "42" appears on top. Year appears to be 1940.


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    (9/7/02 6:55:38 am)
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    JR it wood seem U have a Mauser "code 42" made 39 an 40 many thousands made an frequently found. Thatdoes not detract if the gun is nice and original, not a reblue.
    Current bluebook says 98% $1100, 95% $800 Marching mag should add $ 50-75. 2 matching mags $150 Holster add $125 if original an in average condition (nice leather brings nice $$ If it has NAVY markings (eagle over M ) add 100%. U can see that many things go into the pricing of lugars they are very popular with collectores here NJ Pa NY Am by far no xpert, best to get a QUALIFIED appraisal from someone U trust Condition is everything. Good luck.

    ps, the blue book prices are just a guide. stuff can an does sell for higher or lower.