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Mauser .22 rimfire
Is there any collector interest in old Mauser 22's? I bought a Mauser ES350B rifle at a gun show. The metal finish is excellent, however, it does not have it's original stock. The buttplate said Erma which I believe is a german company. Whoever added this stock was a real butcher. It looked like someone used a dull screwdriver to inlet it! The barrel is fairly heavy and has dovetails cut in it for the rear sight. The dovetails are about 10 inches long, measured from the reciever and the barrel is numbered from 0 - 9 at about 1" intervals along the dovetail. Why would anyone want to move the rear sight back and forth? Since the barrel is tapered this would change the elevation of the rear sight. Was this intentional to fine adjust the elevation? All of the metal work is very nicely machined and polished. The rear sight is a sliding bar type numbered from 30 - 200 (yards) and has a windage adjustment knob. This rifle is very accurate. I mounted a scope on it using the reciever dovetails and it will shoot around 1/2" groups at 50 yards. I need to know whether I should sell this to a collector. I am getting really tempted to alter the bolt handle to clear a scope without having to use very high mounts and use it for target shooting and squirrel hunting. I don't want to alter this gun if a collector might be interested in it. Any help would be appreciated !

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(1/5/03 12:55:12 pm)
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Can you post any pic's of it?

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(1/5/03 2:43:52 pm)
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I have one, that I classafied as best as I can as a ES340 Delux,it is all original, including the stock. None of the books I had showed my rifle exactly.Mine is a single shot, thin barrel.I mounted on high rings a 24 power scope on the grooved receiver, so no alterations were made on the gun. It has proven itself to be the most accurate .22 I have. It has a ramp front site, and a tangent rear like yours. It would appear that yours will take the Anschutz type rear site, which attaches to the grooved receiver. Though you could expect some minor elevations if the site is moved for an aft, they probably feel that once the site position was set for the shooter, it wouldn't be changed. There are slight variations in ammo, and I note on mine a 3-4 click change at 25 yds if I switch from Eley to RWS...

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(1/5/03 5:42:23 pm)
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If your rifle were all original, it would be worth from $295 (80%) to $725 (98%).....however, with a non-standard stock, you can forget about that. It's just a shooter now.
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