Mauser Questions

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    Looking to locate some suppliers for the following parts for a M-93:

    new triggerguard/floorplate, in a perfect world be hinged and lightweight probably made of aluminum

    cock on opening kit, Brownells list one but on their tech page there have been reports of light primer strikes, is this the only game in town?

    bolt shroud, once again Brownells lists one for Swedes will it fit the Spanish 93?

    which replacement trigger do you like and why? (your opinions are important to me)

    I'm sure to have more questions as this project moves forward

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    hey fredneck ...good luck on this project. Pick up a Shotgun News... lots of parts suppliers in there. Interesting reading too...I like the Brownells catalog too. Midway has some gunsmithing stuff also.
    I dont know about that cock on opening kit. Is it so bad to cock on closing??? I dont see a great deal of difference...I have both models...just my opinion. I dont believe a swede bolt shroud will fit a 93 either.
    Timney makes a great replacement tend to pay for it though, couple different styles to choose from. I dont mind the mauser two stage trigger. A good smith can lighten it up with some judicious stoning.
    JMHO regards swede
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