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    Though an Enfield man at heart, I cant help but enjoy Mausers. If anyone gets a chance look out for any re barrelled for 7.62 x 51 by the Israelis. They really are excellent shooters. Here's a couple of pics of mine with what to look out for. The one stamped on the toe 762 was WW2 German, the other was made for the Israelis post war.

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  2. Tranter, if you like Mausers you must also be an excellent judge of beautiful women, potent potables, the finer things in life . . . and Lord knows there ain't many of us left. :D;)

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    Ah pistol my educated American friend. Guns, women and alcohol, no wonder there are so few of us left. But I rather like the company I find myself in.

    Last weekend there was a fair in my town. I didn't go but did pop into town briefly with my kids during the day. There were crowds of young people trying to look rough and tough (never heard a shot fired in anger). I heard several eastern european languages I couldn't identify. The crowds included drunk young men and women swearing at the top's of their voices, with children close by. There were 'new age' hippie types openly smoking pot.

    I looked around and thought, these are not my people. These are not the people I grew up with, things have really changed.

    I took my son aside and asked if he would rather be here with these folks or at one of our Arms Fairs or shooting clubs, with the 'Gun People'? He gave the right answer. :)
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