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How about resizing a case and seating your bullet long,chamber it and remove and you should have a good idea where your at. Throat errosion and how tight your die resizes might be some variables to watch for. If you have the facilitys, face a small piece of round stock about .5 long and drill/ream/light chamfer a hole about .02-.03" under bullet dia.. This can placed over a round [rides on the ogive of the bullet]and gives you an accurate reference for adjustment and future repeatability. Hope this helps, Scarface

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(2/20/03 2:41:39 pm)
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Hi scarface and welcome to the forum. I have found that if you lightly neck size a fired round (in that chamber), and then put a flat based bullet into the neck backward (tip pointing into the case, then put the bullet into the chamber and slowly close the bolt. When you extract the case, the base of the bullet will show you the leade. Hope this helps

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