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Here's a real elementary reloading question...where do you position the calipers when measuring crimp? I try to position the calipers at the very edge of the case, right where it seems to crimp into the bullet, using the narrow part of the calipers. Is that correct? The reason I'm asking...I was experimenting with plated bullets of different configurations and I was running into problems with the bullet getting pushed into the case. I finally gave up with the adjustments, and now I want to get the crimp die back to where it was when I first started tinkering with it. I readjusted the crimp die to where the crimp "appears" ok, i.e., the case is not deformed. I dropped the rounds into the barrel (45acp) and they sat nicely. My current measurements vary, from .463 to .465, depending on precisely where I place the calipers on the case. Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the board, Eapples -

For semi-auto pistol cartridge reloading of rimless cases, the round headspaces on the case mouth, of course. This means the crimp must be a 'tapered' crimp to allow for the proper headspacing.

Your crimping die is usually set up to almost bottom out on the shell holder to provide the proper crimp. The bullet seater plunger may be adjusted up or down to have the bullet at the proper, or desired, depth for seating.

You may have to 'trial and error' a few rounds to come up with the right combination you want. A kenetic bullet puller will pull the bullet so you can resize, bell and reuse the case again.
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