Meat Prices........

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    Meat prices

    A cannibal in South Africa walks into a meat shop to check out the items on sale. The first tray he looks at is priced at $5.95 a pound. The salesman says, "That was a young Air Force pilot, couldn't have been more than 26 or 27 years old"

    The next tray is $9.75 a pound, the salesman says, "This was a young Coast Guard fellow who washed up on the beach -- probably not a day over 19 years old - young and VERY tender."

    The third tray says "U.S. Navy Seabee" and is priced at $19.70 a pound. "Why so much for the Seabee?" asks the cannibal.

    "You have to ask the boss," is the reply.

    The boss comes out and the cannibal says, "I understand the $5.95 for the aviator and even $9.75 for that tender Coast Guard guy, but why is the Seabee $19.70?"

    The boss replies, "Did you ever try to clean one of those things?"