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    This may have been discussed before, but with a lot of vets getting older, I thought I would bring it up . over the past 40 years I have had many dealings with the VA hospital, and was always very careful about what ended up in my Med, records, A few years ago before I retired, I had a mild stroke. And ended up in the ER. Civilian Hospital. All worked out well until the Insurance Plan, I had at this time got involved. This stroke was classed as a mental health incident. After several phone calls and fighting with the Doctor, Hospital, and Insurance Company I was able to get this off my med records. The real kicker was when someone at the Insurance Company made the statement, Oh don’t worry about it, it’s just how we code. A stroke.
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    Simular problem here. At present my disability is listed as Arthritis. No mention of the surgury, and 8" scar to my left knee, that caused the arthritis! Got my VA rep working on this, but she tells me it might take a while.