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I am defining medium storage 1-5 years, long term 5plus years. Ok what works and what does not. I was taught in military that cool dry storage is the best, ie never get it wet and not above 72 degrees F.

So how about these sealed tubes for burial?? any good?

What about other methods? Any experience or Ideas.
Sealed tubes for burial...NO.

Condensation is the problem with that. But, there is a way to make it work.

If, you vacuum out all of the air and replace the air with nitrogen. There are many ways to do this. The easiest is to install a refrigeration type valve into the tube and use a set of HVAC regulators/hoses, a vacuum pump and a tank of nitrogen. You don't want to pull a strong vacuum so as to not unseat primers, just enough to pull out the air, then replace the air with the nitrogen. If you don't have the equipment and know how hopefully you have a friend that's a HVAC tech that can do it for you.

I have ammo from WWII that still fires just fine that has been stored in military ammo cans. I store all of mine in them. A lot of people place a few moisture absorbing desiccant packets in each can. A good idea but I take it one more step to be sure if the ammo is to be stored long term. I wait until the humidity is real low like in the winter here, then open the cans and remove the ones that have been in the can with fresh ones. And then mark them "do not open except for emergency" so that I don't open them when the humidity level is high. I might be a bit anal about it but I have...a lot of ammo stored.

The metal military ammo cans are getting scarce around here since the military switched to plastic cans. The small ones were around $5 and the larger ones $7, now they have more than doubled and they are harder to find.
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