Memorial Day Service

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    Mar 19, 2009
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    I just finally getting around to posting this thread. Memorial Day my Bride and I went to the cemetery where her Grandfather is buried. In the center of the cemetery there is a large 5 pointed star and a flag pole. They did the ceremony reading ff the names of the vets that had died in 2008. Then on top of each hill pointing out from the stars points there were buglers. Each took turns playing taps one after another a very somber moment. Then the M-1 Garands were fired. Since I was a kid I loved the sound of them. To me is isn't a normal sounding gunshot but it seems to have so much meaning. I love the guns and the sound. Would love to own one someday but haven't found and in the condition I am looking for. Sorry for this off post here but all the Garand talk got me to rambling. JUNK
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