Memorial Day

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    This is another photo I took at the Wall.

    On this Memorial Day -- I post it in tribute to my fellow soldiers of the 25th Inf. Div., who “Suffered All, Sacrificed All, Dared All and Died” – and to all the members of Americas Armed Forces who died in service to their country.

    P. Gary

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    Excellent, Gary...a beautiful tribute!

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    Re: Memorial Day
    Nice Gary!

    Keep those photo's and stories commin folks!
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    Sad, but beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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    Wonderful pic, P. Gary.

    It's always touching to see all of the items left at the Wall. There are always lots on Memorial and Veterans Day. Each offering has a story behind it...most of the stories are unknown to us as we view the items left behind.

    I'd also like to share this with you. Last year, some friends made the trip to DC for
    Memorial Day. Sal sent me this soon after. This is not just for his friend, who received it,
    but to all of you who served.



    Subject: The Letter... A MUST READ

    In DC last weekend Ed Yates, (who some of you know),
    while sitting on a bench looking at The Wall, was thinking
    about our lost Brothers when all of a sudden this young
    girl walked up to him and handed him this letter. After
    reading it, he looked up only to find the little girl had dis-
    appeared before he could thank her.

    As it turned out she was just one of teacher Bruce Galler's
    class there on a field trip doing the same for other Vietnam
    Veterans. Below is the letter of Thanks that I wrote to him
    along with his reply.

    I'd like you all to take a moment or two to do the same... It's
    teachers like Mr. Galler and his students that is this country's
    future. It's these kids that will keep our memories alive into
    the next century and (hopefully) beyond. Your email(s) can be
    sent to:

    Thank you...

    It has come to the attention of my Marine Corps & FMF
    Corpsmen group that your class might be responsible
    for leaving a wonderful letter of gratitude towards we
    Vietnam Veterans for the sacrifices we made years
    before they were even conceived.

    I'd just like to take the time to commend them on their,
    much appreciated, thoughtfulness. We rarely, if ever,
    are thanked by our peer age group. To be thanked by
    a generation that is the future of America is over whelm-
    ing, to say the least.

    I'd also like to thank who ever was responsible for making
    them aware of Vietnam and our sacrifices. For, as the
    saying goes...Those that aren't aware of the past are con-
    demnded to repeat it. I hope to God, for them, and this
    great country that will never come to pass.

    Semper Fidelis,

    Sal Latina
    Mr. Latina,

    I will gladly pass on the message to our students. We truly
    honor your service to the nation and it has surprised me that so
    many soldiers have been so thankful for simple recognition of
    what you all did for us.

    I thank you and your fellow soldiers from the core of my soul
    for the sacrifices you made and the hardships you've endured in
    place of the honor that should have been bestowed upon you when
    you returned. Our nation, particularly our young people, will
    indeed learn from the past and won't EVER treat our vets with
    disrespect on my watch.

    I will print your letter and others for all of our students to
    read. When they realize how much power they have to heal,
    they can further this and many other worthy messages to the
    people who need to receive them.

    With pride,
    Bruce Galler

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    Thank you for posting those letters.

    The best reward any of us could hope for is to know that the youth of our country have taken an interest in the sacrifices that all our veterans have made for them.

    Stan Lambert
    St. Clair Shores, Michigan

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    P. Gary & Sharon:
    A heartfelt tribute, particularly to the Vietnam veteran. As Stan says, it's heartwarming to know that the youth of today are being taught about the sacrifices made by the veteran. Hopefully, enough will be taught in both school and home to preserve and value the freedom that so many of us and before us have fought for.

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    You're most welcome, Stan & dap22. I was thrilled to receive Sal's email
    about the letter his friend had received at the Wall last year and wanted
    to share it with ya'll.


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    What a wonderful thing to happen on that visit to the Wall. Thanks for sharing those letters, wish I could give those kids a Hug!

    P. Gary

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    Touching! and dittos on the hugs.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    Memorial Day is their day, isn't it? It is supposed to be the day a
    nation pauses to quietly thank the more than one million men and women
    who have died in military service to their country since the
    Or is it the day the beach resorts kick into high gear for the summer
    the day the strand is covered by fish-belly white people basting
    in coconut oil, the day the off-season rates end and the weekend you
    get in a seaside seafood restaurant with anything less than a one hour
    Or is one of the biggest shopping center sales days of the year, a day
    hunting for a parking space is the prime sport for the holiday
    Or is it the weekend when more people will kill themselves on the
    than any other weekend and Highway Patrol troopers work overtime picking

    up the pieces?
    I think the men and women who died for us would understand what we do
    with their day. I hope they would, because if they wouldn't, if they
    have insisted that it be a somber, respectful day of remembrance, then
    have blown it and dishonored their sacrifice.
    I knew some of those who died, and the guys I knew would have
    They liked a sunny beach and a cold beer and a hot babe in a black
    too. They would have enjoyed packing the kids, the inflatable rafts, the

    coolers, and the suntan lotion in the car and heading for the lake. They

    would have enjoyed staying at home and cutting the grass and getting
    together with some friends and cooking some steaks on the grill, too.
    But they didn't get the chance.
    They blew up in the Marine Barracks in Beirut and died in the oily
    waters of
    the Persian Gulf. They caught theirs at the airstrip in Grenada in the
    war everyone laughed at. They bought the farm in the Ia Drang Valley and
    Heartbreak Ridge, Phu Tai and at Hue. They froze at the Chosin Reservoir

    and were shot at the Pusan Perimeter. They drowned in the surf at Omaha
    Beach or fell in the fetid jungles of Guadalcanal. They were at Cantigny
    Bellau Wood and at San Juan Hill and at Gettysburg and at Cerro Gordo
    at Valley Forge.
    They couldn't be here with us this weekend, but I think they would
    understand that we don't spend the day in tears and heart-wrenching
    memorials. They wouldn't want that. Grief is not why they died.
    They died so we could go fishing.
    They died so another father could hold his laughing little girl over the

    They died so another father could toss a baseball to his son in their
    while the charcoal is getting white.
    They died so another buddy could drink a beer on his day off.
    They died so a family could get in the station wagon and go shopping and

    maybe get some ice cream on the way home.
    They won't mind that we have chosen their day to have our first big
    party of the year.
    But they wouldn't mind, either, if we took just a second and thought
    Some will think of them formally, of course. Wreaths will be laid in
    sparsely attended ceremonies in military cemeteries and at monuments at
    state capitols and in small town's squares.
    Flags will fly over the graves, patriotic words will be spoken and a few

    people there will probably feel a little anger that no more people
    showed up.
    They'll think no one else remembers.
    But we do remember.
    We remember Smitty and Chico and Davey and the guys who died.
    We remember the deal we made: If we buy it, we said, drink a beer for
    I'll do it for you, guys. I'll drink that beer for you today, and I'll
    sit on that
    beach for you, and I'll check out the girls for you and, just briefly,
    I'll think of
    I won't let your memory spoil the trip but you'll be on that sunny beach
    me today.
    I will not mourn your deaths this Memorial Day, my friends. Rather, I'll

    celebrate the life you gave me.
    This Bud's for you, brother!

    ... For he today, that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother.
    LZ Memories "Always Green Smoke!"

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    Simply awesome.

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    My heartfelt thanks to those who served and died. There were many others who could not readjust or endure withdrawal and gave their lives long after the war ended.
    None of us knew that the incredible mood swings which resulted in addiction and suicide for so many of my brothers and sisters were related to Agent Orange and other chemical poisoning. It has been said that the back of the Wall should be covered with all of the vets who died of complications, political and otherwise.
    Mike H