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    Though I have often spoken of events that happened on the 2 deployments I made to Vietnam, sometimes the dates get mixed up unless they remained so terrible I'll never forget or confuse...One such date was the 26th of February 1968 that I'll never get mixed up about...The one I am mentioning here and now I did get mixed up on...I thought I recalled it being in May instead of April 1969 and was going to write about it...this time in DaNang when the Ammunition Supply Point One blew its top and cooked off for about 16 hours..Yeah, April 27th 1969...Here in my Cruise Book that I am referring to, claims that 90% of our Camp Hoover was destroyed---I swear, I recall it being at least 100 percent. I, as most of the troops in camp that day, got away with the clothes on our backs and our pride as even though some may have had loose bowels, the pucker factor was riding high on the scale and don't think anyones pride was fractured...Our battalions Gunny Gayne and other EOD personnel made safe pathes thru the camp as they collected and disposed of scattered ordinance of all types...we got home for Christmas that year...Chief