Memories of a Vietnamese Sailor #1

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    I will post these "memories" in a manner than will not load down the server and will give those of you who accidentally punch in the BBS on your work computer time to finish a post before your mistake is corrected. This first one is a response from Mr. Toi Dang, formerly of the VNN to a post of mine on a different forum. Enjoy
    I'd like to add that the Junk force was created by Madame "Ngo Dinh Nhu (sister-in-law of President Diem". In the early 1960's she, and I guess along with her husband, came up with the idea of creating a group of militants, who
    were local fishermen, to patrol and control their
    territorial water (similar to army militants on land).

    Tattooing "Sat Cong" on their arms was mandatory in
    the beginning. As time went by and the South
    Vietnamese Navy expanded, regular navy men got
    transferred to the Junk units and some of them refused
    to tattoo "Sat Cong" on their arms.

    Unit 42 was stationed in An Thoi, unit 43 was station
    in Ha Tien, unit 44 was station in Hon Tre Island (at
    the mouth of Rach Gia (Kien Giang)river, and unit 41
    was station on Poulo Obi (a.k.a. Hon Khoai) that is
    very close to Ca Mau, this unit was truly isolated
    from the rest of the "world". There were only two
    supply trips arriving from Rach Gia every month.

    As an addendum, after 1975 those men with the tattoo
    "Sat Cong" was force by uncle Ho's wicked nephews to
    use their own knives to remove the tattoo from their
    arms and chests. The same was true to all Vietnamese
    marines who were left behind (they all had the same
    Sat Cong tattoo on their chests as contrasted to arms
    with the Navy Junk units. Amongst Vietnamese navy,
    the two units that we did not want to transfer to
    were: Unit 41 in Poulo Obi (stationed on Hon Khoai)
    and unit 16 (stationed in Cua Viet close to the DMZ).

    Toi Dang

    Note: Sat Cong means "Death to Communists"/ld

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    Abandoned Larry...can you imagine how they suffered!...Sickening!
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.