Merryy Christmas plus major guilt

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    This must seem very selfish, but my Christmas is just awesome this year. A little history. I come from a very large family and all its extensions. We chose to draw names for presents many years ago, instead of wasting a ton of money on useless junk to exchange between everyone. More recently we have limited the cost for the presents. I liked giving one big present to someone, especially something they really wanted, and usually received something nice in exchange. Since I cant splurge anymore, in order to maintain civility between family members, I opted to find me something I wanted, and definately didnt need for a present to myself. This year I went a little overboard. Not really. I purchased this parts kits several years ago when they were dirt cheap. These are the more common Romanian variants. Even these have been torched, most have never even been fired. They still have the twisted strip of oiled paper running down inside the barrel. The ones that are obviously used show minimum wear if any other than from handling. I finally got off my butt and built some of these up a couple of days ago. They have all compliant parts and meet current regulations for a build. I used the readily available flat plates to make receivers from. Even tho there are a ton of manufacturers offering new ready to build 100% receivers, really didnt want to deal with the FFL paper trail. I also liked paying $9 per flat instead of $100 for the 100% completes. I already made all of the tooling to build these correctly. The die to bend flats including top rails, rivet press and all of the parts to demill the trunnions and remove barrel. Blah, blah, blah. I parkerized them with my home brew mix from a 1907 patent. The surface finish is very deep and durable. I tried scrubbing the finish with a stainless wire brush which left no marks at all.

    I figured out a way to offset the selfish guilt and justify getting these for my present. On Christmas day, when heading out in the country where my parents moved after retirement, I get to teach them to shoot the AK's. My parents have been successfully married for over 60 years now and never had any issues. Period. I dont remember them ever having any arguments or verbage between each other. Both parents are strong conservative christians and have lived their life putting the needs of others first. Everyone has always compared my mom to June Cleaver, both in mind, body and spirit. So picture June Cleaver man handling an Ak, putting a cap in that zombies head, and there you have it. Hell has no fury like a woman scorn. June Cleaver with a serious attitude.

    Here is how the kits arrived a few years ago.
    And now

    On a scale from 1 to 10, I give these a 7.62.

    Looking forward to a Merry Christmas with the whole family and wish the same to everyone here.
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    Well done! Bigtime Merry Christmas to you! :D

  3. woolleyworm

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    Merry Christmas to you and yours too! That was a great laugh to start off my Christmas break !
  4. Bigdog57

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    My sole wish for this Christmas, and it was granted, was for a few days of blessed peace and quiet.
    After a personal observation of a Lonesome Festivus, I cleaned a bunch of my milsurps, communing with the good "Spirits of the Gun", before going to the range tomorrow.
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    Lookin' good. Wouldn't mind havin' me one of those puppies.
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    Tryed 2 sneek that Jerry Signfeld line threw:D I caught it! GOOD ONE!

    Festivus 4 the rest of Us.

    Capt Mac
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