Mexican invasion?

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  1. 1911Kid

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    Dec 3, 2006
    Well where do I start. First things first. I do not mind people who want to work,
    pay taxes, SPEAK ENGLISH, and DO IT LEAGALLY! 1st thing that pisses me off. Did you hear about the Illegals strike to get the national anthem turned into Spanish!?!?! Hello gtfo of my country we speak english here. 2nd Illegals sueing U.S. citizens in U.S. COURT OF LAWS!! They are not citizens therfore then have no right to sue or even be in this country. 3rd if Illegals are caught they should be deported for the first time. Second time the should be punished. 3rd if you have legally become an AMERICAN citizen You ARE NOT SPANISH AMERICAN / CHINESE AMERICAN you are AMERICAN. Keep your culture sure. Lose the other ****.

    Just Blowing Off Steam - No offense to anyone
  2. RimfireRat

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    Sep 23, 2006
    Do any of you mind people who want to take over your country. the one you stole from them.. from the mexcia movement web pages>>> Ck it out ,surf that site for awhile ,mifght make you think twice. IS THE MEXICA MOVEMENT A RADICAL ORGANIZATION?

    For over 500 years, we Nican Tlaca have been forced to do slave labor for Europeans (the so-called white people).
    We are poor.
    We have been made poor.

    We are poor because they are rich from having stolen our continent and our labor.

    They have told us for five centuries what we should want and what we should need,
    and what we should not want and not need.

    We pay rent to them for our own land, on our continent!

    They steal the mineral wealth from our land. We accept it as a normal thing. Our mineral wealth, forests, and farmlands are the sources of all of their wealth. They would never have accomplished what they did without the wealth of our continent to finance their empire of capitalism and greed in Europe and the rest of the word. Remember that they did not trade with us.

    They used armed robbery to take our gold and the land on our continent that they wanted.

    They used terrorism to keep us under their control.

    They used biological warfare to kill 95% of our population.

    They raped our population generation after generation.

    They enslaved us to their racist selfish needs.

    They culturally castrated us so that we would not be able to reproduce ourselves as a free and proud people, with pride in the genius and accomplishment of our civilizations.

    But we don't complain about any of this in any meaningful way. We're just losers, the inferiors of "white people", we think.
    They have taught us to think that way.
    They keep us ignorant of these facts, this reality.

    Today we are slaves to the European.
    They allow us to be good servants, gangsters, politicians, drug dealers, the soldiers of their armies,
    but mostly we do "service" work for the European.

    There are of course the few exceptions, the "house slaves", who are allowed to be in the "professions".
    We are all serving the Europeans as slaves whether we want to or not, whether we admit it or not.

    Some of our people have become more than just slaves to the Europeans. They love Europeans and hate their own people. They want to be part of the white race. They want to be part of their family, their blood.

    Too many of our people have become like the poor dog that is beaten, mistreated, kept ill-fed, berated, and still that dog loves the master, because the dog thinks it has no other option.

    We are not dogs! We are human beings with a great heritage.
    We are the remnants of the Anahuac nation.
    Our ignorance is the only thing keeping us in a condition worse than dogs.

    We already know that some of our people will talk bullshit about this information. Some will write sarcastic comments about "stupid Indians". Some will praise this work but they personally will do nothing. Some will outright attack the contents of this website in outrage because they are so in love with white people, and they think that somehow this is threatening to their marriage to a white person or their dreams of marriage or a relationship with a white person. There of course will be the university types who will intellectualize positively or negatively on this work and then pass on their studied or unstudied treason opinions to other students. Finally, there will be those who will sing songs, cry, become sad, but they will simply do nothing, because they cannot get themselves out of their cowardice.

    But for those of you who do understand and who are moved to the disciplined united actions necessary for the liberation of our people, we ask you to start by educating yourself only in the interests of our people.

    Be serious, scholarly, and cautious when you read the materials that we recommend, because they all have some flaws.

    Read this web site again and again to absorb the full impact of the information.

    Then, come join us as liberating warriors, men and women, who are breaking the chains of ignorance, slavery. and cowardice.
    Join us in liberating the future of our people.






    WITH A CLEAR VISION OF A LIBERATION. ****They claim we killed 95% of them with bio-warfare (smallpox) so to take thier continent , not from the Indians but from the mexicans. the Indians are not "Native" according to them. the only Native Americans are Native Mexicans. And they are planning to take thier continent back.You read it you decide. At the rate we are catering to them and turning everything into Mexican and they are reproducing while we are retirement age, i'd say they have a pretty good start at it...JMHO---JMJ--
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  3. catfish83861

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    Nov 15, 2006
    North Idaho

    I am somewhat surprised that this thread hasn't gotten more notice. Especially since it is on the best forum I have found,yet still not many comments referencing this thread.I emailed the body of the thread to most of the people on my email list.Has anyone else done the same?I seldom call my state representative as it does little good to speak with their peons that answer the phones.I do contact out local representative here in our small city.Possibly the conversations do little to no good,but it makes me feel better.In my personal opinion the Mexican movement is a radical organization.What the heck else is an organization that advocates taking back lands that have been considered USA for many years.I suppose it all comes down to the statement,"It depends on what your definition of is,is." catfish
  4. Deputy Dawg

    Deputy Dawg Active Member

    Aug 11, 2005
    Central Texas Gulf Coast
    It is time we all wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.:mad: :mad:
  5. Popgunner

    Popgunner Active Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    This is a good website.

    It's scary to watch the video of the mayor of Los Angeles & hear what his views are.

    We need to wake up & figure out how to fight this. They want to take over everything in about an 18 state area clear to Canada & the scary thing is how our government clear from the President all the way down to local city government seems to be acting like a deer caught in the headlights. This website has scary info on how they want to have tons of kids & build up their army for "Aztlan" & at some point kill off all the "whites".

    It would be one thing if they were just sneaking across the border & quietly tryig to assimilate (as many of them are doing) but the government on all levels is giving them impunity for illegal actions that's like throwig gas oon a fire.
    I lived in south america for two years as a Mormon missionary & I've seen how crazy things can get in a big hurry.

    Keep your powder dry.
  6. smallblock

    smallblock New Member

    Aug 31, 2006
    what the hell is going on here??? AMERICANS need to wake up today and LOAD UP NOW.
  7. Lead Lobber

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    Jan 3, 2007
    Central California coastal area
    OK, here's what's going on. Our rulers have decided to meld this country with Mexico and Canada, because it means more money for those in power. See? You don't have to be rocket engineer or a cow pasture scientist to understand this - it is happening right now. So, what's your beef - are you stupid, or something? The big country will be good for the big people, don't you see? So, don't do anything, and everything will be OK. See?

    Except, you (we) the little majority will be exterminated financially, just like in Governator III, the Extinction, a movie that fortold the future. We saw it, but we did not believe it.


    Sorry, looks like I used the S word. I get really angry about what is happening in this country. The use of the S word is not an option for winning support from others to change the unfortunate condition in which we find ourselves today. My doing so was S (stupid).

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    NY_GUNFIGHTER New Member

    May 9, 2007
    If these folks have 'immunity' from law and technically 'don't exist,' what's to stop us from taking physical action against them? Isn't there a clause in the constitution that says if the government won't take care of something, we the people have a right to do it?
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