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    A Mexican from El Paso found himself in Lubbock and decided to approach a prostitute down on 17th and R.

    He asked her, "How much do you sharge for the hour?"

    "$100," she replied.

    "Do you do Messican-style?" he asked.

    Not knowing exactly what this was, she refused.

    He tried to sweeten the deal and said, "I'll pay you $300 to do it

    Again she declined.

    Being the persistent type, he laid down a final offer. "I'll give you
    $500 to go Messican-style with me! What do you say?"

    Finally, she agrees, thinking, "Well I've been in the game for over ten
    years now. I've been there and done that, and had every kind of request
    from weirdos from all over the world. How kinky could Messican-style be?"

    After an hour of every possible way and position, she turned to him and
    said, "That was fantastic, but I was expecting something perverted and
    disgusting. Where does the 'Messican-style' come in?"

    The Mexican popped a can of beer and replied, "I pay you next Wednesday
    when I get my check." :D :eek:
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    :) Didn't meet any girl's that were that gullible when I was a swashbuckler. :D
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