Midwest Orientation Lesson

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    Mar 25, 2001

    Cat, the way I heard it was to pack the carp (OR Sheephead....;)) in nice green horsesh-- and SMOKE it in the hickory smoke for a minimum of 12 hours....

    ..and when it's done, throw away the fish and eat the horsesh--......:cool:

    But seriously though, years ago a buddy of mine and I used to spend every Friday night on the White River around Athens, OH with our lanterns fishing for blues and channels, and when they weren't hitting we'd make strawbery doughballs out of kool aid and wheaties and play with the carp in the trash water nearby for fun....(yeah, broke a few rods too.....:cool:)

    ...and there was ALWAYS a guy nearby fishing for carp, that asked us to save ours and give him dibs on them before we threw them back, and he'd always take the smaller ones and we'd throw back the big ones.

    We asked him what he did with them, and he told us his son was a CATERER, and they used carp in ALL of their noodle recipes that called for Tuna!:eek:

    He said you use little ones 3-4 lbs or less, cut away all the belly meat and "mud veins," clean it up nicely, then chunk it up bones and all, and pressure cook it for 90 minutes all by itself.....and when it's done, you can freeze it and use it for anything you would use Tuna, and his son was FOREVEVER getting asked for his "Tuna Salad Recipe," even at rich socialite functions, but he never told them about the "tuna....":D:p;)

    I never tried it, but he sure took a LOT of our carp over the years I lived there!

    And for the record, Al, it isn't ONLY the "Mid West," although when I moved to Indiana we noticed a LOT more "waving....:p"

    People from the dairy farms of Western and upstate New York, the mountains of PA, and West Virginia and Kentucky,, (along with almost the entire South except maybe Atlanta and "N'Orlins") get it too.....
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