Militias Anyone?

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    The militias that formed part of this country's history in the formative years are similar only in name to the ones the tinfoil hat types, anarchists, and conspiracy-seers whisper about and participate in today.
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    Oct 16, 2011
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    I think there is still a place for these groups in our country. Not the anti government radical anarchist type but the type that can be called up to defend our states in natural disasters and our borders.

    Don't ever forget the USA was never supposed to have large standing armies. In time of war they were to call up the state militia's. This is clearly spelled out in the constitution.

    I still think there is a place for these groups today. Not the radical nut jobs but true patriots ready to defend our country.

  3. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    i'm Australian and i'll say what i like about what i bloodywell like , screw fascists

    I went back packing across the US a couple time and got a lift with a Militia gent

    now i seen stuff on TV documentaries about these very same people i met and its so bent it aint funny

    Montana Militia nice folks , painted as racist on the show , 3rd one i met was a big exmarine and very much negro and proud of it , and sad for what many of his race had become , but had hope that when the obvious to him , hard times to come , would snap the good ones back to reality , and the bad ones , in his words if i remember right
    farmers shop keeps , regular working folks is what i saw , patriots , some where conspiracy folks , along different ways

    some folks here are too ..

    some folks think me one , harping on about islam and UN etc etc ..

    lots a lib's are too , socialist have theres .. sheesh

    Militias are just folks , just they act on what many of us think and worry about for the future and our families

    and always wishing to be free , no matter who it is wanting them to not be free .. that bad ?

    met some others on other trips , some i met online and caught up later , but never got to know em as well as the montana folks , i wish we could do similar here ..

    i like strong god fearing people

    i may not agree with them on everything ,


    God freedom respect honour pride of nation

    are good things to base a friendship on

    and even if they think i'm a crackpot on some things , they'll always allow me to have a say

    is that not the truest democracy ?

    now talking to them you also hear the other side ,

    i saw pic's of their gatherings going back over the years , many where police officers in their day job and the surrounding states pretty much all the founding members of their SWAT type teams they formed where militia members but the late 90's saw a heavy persecution in employment ( government jobs and union from what i was told ) against militia members , based on so called militia's that where crime gangs and very neo nazi as well , NOT militia at all , and so called RACISM in the militia , ( i also got told by some black folks a couple militia type groups are racist but they way they tell me i also smell neo nazi there too, i trust what they tell me , just i dont associate any true Militia with national socialist ideals as they are opposed ideologies)

    i have not seen distinct racism in any group i saw , i did hear grouches about , damn wet back , damn spic , damn N , and many of these folks are what i call "mixed culture" ? but when your reading the local paper and see some drunk illegal has killed another school kid and left the mother crippled , i dont think its racism in that regard

    especially when the guys got a very spanish last name

    the volenteer border patrol that USED to operate until the courts shut it down with help of the actual BP ( sheesh, hey did get it back going ?? ) are all volunteer patriots ( and many with spanish names but there families have been there longer than texas has been a state )

    that sound racist ??

    no its a attack on those best suited to resist whats to come , to make it un popular , to make it not PC , bad , and in time the sterotype will sink into the national psyche and no-one will care too muuch when the government had to storm them radicals and remove that arsenal of 40+ guns etc etc etc

    like they did to gun owners here ...

    but remember along with your second , is the militia's ,

    they take away one , the other is gone too

    think about that
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  4. flboots

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Northeast Florida
    The militias have to be careful, with all the terrorist laws in effect. Thats all obama's socialist government needs to declare martial law and take away all freedoms.
  5. 45nut

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    Jul 19, 2006
    Dallas, TX
    The second rule of the militia

    Do NOT discuss the militia on the internet!!!!!

    I don't care who you are that's funny right there!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D
  6. bamajvc

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    Nov 26, 2011
    anyone group calling themselves a militia that hides their activities is probably not a group you want to join, my two cents

    here is a link with some state militias
  7. GLS_1956

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    Jun 10, 2012
    The Great State of Oklahoma
    Militias are reserved for the states to form. Artical 1; Section 8 takes care of that

    The Second Admendment reserves the RIGHT of the of the People to be armed. But not to form militias.
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