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First I want to thank the folks who visit the 1911 forum,I was
having a problem with my Gov. not locking back on the last
rnd and they helped me get it working right.Now I have a
mini-14 and it's double tapping.I'll be the first one to admit
I polished the trigger assy maybe to much,and I might have
changed a thing or two but I believe that the catch that is
supposed to engage the top part of the hammer when the
trigger is pulled is not doing so.I also noticed that the spring
that controls this catch is a liitle weak if not maybe broken.
I haven't pulled it down yet but I think that's where it's at.
Any suggestions or info, with my

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(1/5/02 7:11:55 am)
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Re: Mini-14 double taps
If it multiples inconsistently it is probably due to improper engagement of the hammer and secondary sear. Those parts are normally factory fitted only and are not available from Ruger. You have a couple of options.

1) Send rifle to Ruger, they are quite reasonable
2) Have a gunsmith recut the sear engagement
3) The parts are occasionally available from secondary sources like Gun Parts Corp. You need the hammer (MS01700), secondary sear (MS02300) and secondary sear spring (MS02400).

As a side note, polishing the sear notch on the hammer is normally unnecessary on the Mini-14. Generally only the angle on the sear itself needs to be slightly modified and polished with an India stone.

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(1/5/02 11:07:55 am)
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I have a Marlin semi auto 22(I know that is a bit of a difference) that kept douuble tapping from the same work done on the hammer and sear engagement areas. I forgot that there is a part that determines the depth that the sear sets in the hammer. If it is not adjusted equally with the other, you get the double tap in a Marlin. I don't know anything about the Rugert mini 14, but thought I would throw this out to you.
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