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(6/2/02 11:51:58 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All User review: Minivault handgun safe.
Just got one of these, and I thought I'd share some info with other members...

In general, I was quite impressed with the product. Looked at similar boxes by mossberg, and a few others, but decided on the minivault, mostly because of the "no-look" keypad. It is quite clever! Rather than a phone-type keypad found on most safes, this one has just four buttons, set in a hand-shaped contoured pad, easy to locate by touch in the dark. Can program up to a six-keystroke code, any combo of 1-4 fingers per stroke. So, you can open it in 2 seconds, in total darkness...pretty impressive.

Its simple to program, but the hardest part was installing the batteries inside the box (it takes 8AA - no word on how long they last, though it has a low-battery warning). Key lock included, if you forget the combo.

When the code is entered, the door on the end springs open (rather strong spring). Again, no latches to operate, making things easier in the dark.

The box itself is heavy sheet metal, could probably be broken open with a hammer and pry-bar, but reasonably secure for what it is. It can be bolted down and/or secured with a cable or chain, if necessary. The small size give a lot of flexibility in mounting, next to the bed or in a night-stand is what I had in mind.

I got the small size gv1000, whigh will hold a full-size pistol and not much more...they make a larger model with a shelf that's supposed to hold 2 guns.

In summary, I'd give a strong recommendation for this unit. It fills a security niche for me, I'm even thinking of getting another one to bolt inside a cargo van (van has no glove box). A good value for just a little over $100.

I bought this on the ********* auction from seller "HunterArms"...A+ rating; they have it together.

Oh, you can also get a minivault with built in motion detector alarm, as an option.
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