Mischievious Monkey - An Thoi, RVN

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    When I was stationed at An Thoi one of the guys came into possession of a monkey. The monkey just about had run of the station and was generally mischievous. Everyone liked the monkey. It brought a little humor into normally dry days with its antics. He aggravated the hell out of all the mangy Phu Quoc dogs that hung around waiting for a handout. The monkey would roam the barracks and plunder anything that wasn’t locked down. He especially liked to tear, chew and eat paper.
    The Fourth Coastal Zone Advisor at the time was a USCG Commander, who later became Commandant of the Coast Guard. The Commander had a trailer like affair set up in which he lived and did a lot of his paper work. One day the monkey gained entrance to the Commander’s trailer while he was away and wreaked havoc on all the paperwork on his desk, including patrol reports, evaluations, award recommendations and other important documents.
    The Commander didn’t take this humorously! He immediately had the yeoman cut orders for the monkey, transferring him from An Thoi to the Navy unit at Rach Gia.
    The Lieutenant on Rach Gia was known as a “go getter” who took no shit from anyone.
    A week or so later the Commander received a KIA report from the Lieutenant stating that the monkey was killed in action. Word filtered back to us what had happened.
    Seems the monkey pulled the same crap with the Lieutenant and destroyed some of his reports. The Lieutenant straightened out the pin on a grenade and worked it until it could be pulled out with ease. He left it sitting on his desk on top of a stack of paperwork then left the hooch and moved a safe distance away. He didn’t have to wait long before the monkey scampered into the hooch and ran out with the grenade in his hands. When the Lieutenant yelled at the monkey it went straight up a coconut tree in front of the hooch. A few seconds later the top of the tree was rocked by the explosion as the grenade detonated. The monkey was never seen again.
    Morale: Don’t monkey with a navy Lieutenant.

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    They were better left off in the trees.

    Personaly recall two Mascots a Tiger and a Baboon...both on heavy chains...sad!
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    I had a loader like that once -- very mischievious!

    Bravo company 4/31 -- 1967 -- bought a cow which they named Gertrude. Most of us were city boys with no livestock experience. They got her to walk flank security on patrols. Flank would just drive her through the brush with a long stick while another guy covered them with an M16.
    The big problem was booby traps. We could not see them until we hit them. They were usually set at groin heighth to maim rather than kill. We figured that Gertrude would set them. At worst we would have steak instead of grunts with no balls!
    The guys became emotional about Gertrude and then wouldn't let her walk flank anymore. She was hobbled or tied up at Hill 43 base camp where she could graze to her heart's content. I last saw her after a big cyclone - she had somehow looped her harness around her horns and couldn't get out of it. All of us were surprised since we didn't know cows were that dumb. Oh Well! City Boys! Mike H

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    Speaking of monkeys...I received this in an email from a friend. This monkey was a mascot for the 615th MP's. My buddy said the monkey was fond of cigarettes. Thanks to Stan for helping me learn how to post this pic!


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    Re: Mischievious Monkey - An Thoi, RVN
    That grenade must have had one hell of a long fuse!

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    Obviously the monkey didn't work the pin out until he was safely in the top of the tree.......