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    The Honorable Phil Bryant, Governor of Mississippi, is our newest Diamond Anniversary Ambassador and the proud son of a U.S. Navy Seabee. He credits much of his success to the valuable lessons his father learned during his time with the Seabees.

    Dewey Charles Bryant enlisted in the Navy during World War II when he was just 17 years old. While Dewey didn't talk much about what he endured during the war, he did share stories from time to time, always without complaint. The conditions in the Marshall Islands, where he served, were brutal due to the extreme heat and torrential rain and yet, when the war was over, Dewey remained with the Seabees as a reservist, prepared to leave home and fight whenever and wherever duty and his country called.
    Dewey Bryant (left)
    A bulldozer Dewey operated during his service.

    The Seabee influence on Governor Bryant's life extends from his family to the state he loves and is privileged to lead - the great state of Mississippi. Gulfport is home to the Naval Construction Battalion Center and Seabee Heritage Center and has appropriately been dubbed Seabee Town, USA.

    John, to read more about Governor Bryant's story and the profound impact the Seabees had and continue to have on his life, click the button below.
    Phil Bryant Blog