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    Mo. Court Issues Split Ruling on Gun Law
    Associated Press

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missourians won the right to carry concealed guns Thursday, but part of the state Supreme Court ruling left unclear when and where they'd be able to get the necessary permits.
    In a 5-2 ruling, the court upheld the constitutional right of lawmakers to authorize concealed guns, but also said the law they passed could amount to an unconstitutional financial burden on county governments.

    The court ruled the law does not have to be enforced in four counties that objected to being forced to pay for required background checks and employees to administer the law.

    The law allows Missourians age 23 and older to receive concealed gun permits from their local sheriffs after passing the background checks, taking firearms training courses, and paying a fee of up to $100.

    But the law said the fee money could be spent only on law enforcement equipment and officer training. The ruling Thursday opened the way for other counties to claim the state had failed to fund the law as required.

    The law also entitles Missourians age 21 and older to conceal guns in their vehicles without a permit. That part was untouched by the Supreme Court's ruling.

    Attorney General Jay Nixon said sheriffs could now legally issue concealed gun permits, but he suggested they wait until the Legislature deals with the funding issue.

    Some sheriffs pledged to start issuing permits, while an attorney for concealed gun opponents promised a lawsuit if they did.


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