Modifying 1853 Armi Sport 3 Band Enfield?

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  1. Alfred

    Alfred New Member

    Apr 11, 2009
    I have an Armi Sport 3 Band Enfield...

    Fun gun to shoot (not so fun to clean!) but I noticed my accuracy is awful.

    This is most likely 90% the shooter (if not more)...and I have been using some cheap .577 Minies that aren't helping.

    I noticed some other black powder guns that had fiber optic sights on them.

    Where would I look to investigate buying such sights for the rear (possibly adding a "middle" sight because it's a long barrel) and somehow the front sight?

    If anyone knows of a company that would have something that fits an Armi then that would be appreciated.

    This would also take some work by a good gunsmith and may not even be possible...

    If anyone has any other thoughts, please let me know. Part of me thinks that I should just buy some better bullets and work on my form/trigger pull...

    Hitting a large target at 100 yards has been very difficult and I would like to get more bullets on paper with this gun. Thank you.
  2. sewerman

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    Jan 22, 2007
    hurricane ally florida
    maybe you should first get some good minies before messing with your sights.

    i have the same rifle and can easliy hit a man size target at 100 yds though with 70grs the mark is alittle high.

    there are a number of different minies available besides the traditional 575213 old style.

    i suggest getting some good minies and adjusting your loads before blameing the sights. good luck