Modle 1897 Winchester 12 GA fair to good shape WITH AN EXTERNAL HAMMER

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    Dec 29, 2006
    Craigsville WV
    I have several antique guns,
    1,.22 Model 12-C 1912 Remington with an octagon barrel in good to fair condition still fineable,
    2. Model 1906 .22 (short, longs or long rifle) pump in fair to good condition stuable for firing
    3. a Savage 308 1895 re-creation with octagon barrel with gold front sight, trigger and lever action like good to excellent condition. It was fired 1 time at the factory have original box and documents.
    4. Model 1897 Winchester 12 GA pump action with a hammer date made 12/25/1906 it is in fair to good condition. Has not been fired in years but the action is smooth as silk
    5. I have a Union saber and a confederate saber and a black power percussion cap pistol with the power tamper attached to the bottom of the barrel. It is a sweet antique!. The confederate pistol and saber belonged to my Great grandfather Col. James F. Brown. It was used in the battle of Droup MountainWV

    Just a sampling of what I have, the guns are clean and all have been in my family since my great grandfather. The reason I am disposing of them is I am afraid of a break in and an SOB stealing them. So to reduce my anxiety I would rather sell them to a good home where they will be appreciated.

    What I tell you is what you will get I have no reason to lie about the condition of my arms, I don't need the money I just need to reduce the anxiety of an SOB stealing them.

    If interested contact me via e-mail
    James P. Brown DDS
    PO Drawer 407
    Craigsville WV 26205

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