Money is the source of our CORRUPT government's power!

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Billions of tax dollars are being spent on a war that is doing jack **** for US citizens. Millions of illegals getting free health care and welfare from OUR tax money. They just recently spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a damn "PHOTO SHOOT OF A LOW FLYING AIRPLANE IN NEW YORK"!

    Our government is destroying our economy and our way of life and they are doing it with TAX MONEY!

    Get some organic seeds and grow a garden and get free tax free food. Look on the internet and learn how to make a simple magnetic generator to produce some free electricity (or reduce or eliminate your electricity use). Make a solar oven. Raise some some sheep and make clothing from wool.

    Whatever you can do to reduce or eliminate your spending of money will be giving up less tax money to the government and banking systems.

    Help friends and family get off the grid.