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Moose Gun

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What is the smallest caliber, lowest recoil that you would reccomend for moose.Eastern Canada (Newfoundland) moose, a lot smaller than their Alaskan cousins
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I would think a 30-06 would do the job.
The Eastern Canada Moose is about the same size that we've got here in the ND/MN area.
Around here, most shots will be taken at 200yds or under. Lots of guys using .270/.30-06 class cartridges with no problems. Any of the "x57" Mauser cartridges is plenty adequate too. 6.5x55 is my caliber of choice.
Pick one of the 7mm/.300 magnums if you want to stretch your range beyond 250-300yds.
I have Moose in my yard most of the year. They have no fear of humans. This is a young 2 year old. The 30-30 or some other short range rifle works well and very little meat loss.:)


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I have taken moose with a .308 and a 45/70.
Howdy just the other day I was watching moose hunting on Utube. This was crazy, the young(18) woman was takeing her first moose. With a 270 and Im not a fan of the 270, for moose any way. This women, with the help of her dad and uncles, manged to stock into a 80 yrd shot. She takes the first shot into the lungs and 4 shots into the shoulder it runs 50 yards and crashes. I belive we hunters all hunters have a morral oblagation to make a accurate clean kill as quickly as possable. This all gets back to knowing your rifle and ammo inside out that way any hunter well know if he has enought rifle for the hunt. I belive the 270 is marganiel for moose and would cut it of at 3006 or7mm. Personaly I like the 300wmg or the 325sm. A generation of my family lived on the boarder of Canada in Idaho and Montana. They killed moose and elk and any big game around with a 3006 for sevral years. Thats my 2cents worth like it or not. Best of luck and have fun!!!!!!
You are correct Tim. It is the hunter's obligation to not take a shot unless it's clean.

As a counterpoint to your .270 story, I have seen one of our small ND "meese" run for over a quarter mile after taking a 150yd chest shot from a .338WinMag. The guy was using premium bullets (Swift A-frame if I remember right). After we got it down, the bullet had punched completely through the chest cavity, broken ribs on both sides and messy lungs. They have tremendous lung capacity and can cover a lot of ground even after a lung shot if you don't break a shoulder.

I prefer to do the same with whitetail too...I might ruin a bit more meat but I'm gonna go for that shoulder-blade shot whenever possible.
my stepfather has taken them with a 30-06.. however i've loaned him my 300 wthbymag for later trips.
358.. interesting.

anyone shooting 351?
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