More CA gun buying stumbling blocks!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LDBennett, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Dec 20, 2003
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    Recently a gun dealer (and a couple more also) told me that CA now insists that any gun purchased out of state from a dealer is subject to CA sales tax. In the past with all other internet or mail order items you just claimed it at the end of the year on your tax form as "USE TAX" (all good citizens of CA did that religiously!) . Now CA insists that the transfer dealer charge the CA buyer sales tax regardless that the transfer dealer did not participate in the sale at all and is only providing a service. CA wants to insure they get their pound of flesh!

    And.....a new law requires that anyone (just dealers?? everyone??) sending a gun to a CA FFL must get prior CA DOJ approval or the gun can not be accepted by any CA FFL dealer or CA transfer dealer. That means not only does the CA dealer have to file a DROS from the CA buyer but the out of state sending dealer has to have on file some document that allows shipment of the gun to CA. This is above and beyond any BATF requirements and is there to add another stumbing block for gun purchasers who want a CA legal gun that is not available at his local CA dealer or for a gun that is being transfered inter-state private party to private party.

    The next law going into effect in 2010 (??) is one where pistols will have to micro mark cases fired from them. That will lead to Gang Bangers collecting your spent brass at ranges and spreading it around at the scene of their crimes. Good idea...Right!

    There is also talk of controlling ammo sales as well with one method where all ammo will be serialized and be controlled like registering handguns. When that happens I'll purchse a lifetime supply of ammo and reloading components!

    When will it all stop and when will the Second Amendment kick in? I notice that Washington DC got NO relief from the Heller decision. They just proclaimed semi-auto handguns to be machine guns and outlawed them.

    I know, move but I can't due to family obligations. Wish I could! Between the liberals, the illegals and their legal kids, there is no more room in CA for old Californians.

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  2. jinn

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    Jul 25, 2008
    LD, I hear where you're coming from. And, there are usually ways around laws, but not always, or you can simply ignore them and take your chances.

    There will be a run on "catch bags" for semi-autos, so nop marked casings fall to the ground.

    Fake "serialized" ammo will be made in clandestine basement shops, and snuck in from AZ where checkpoints are likely to miss them.

    Finally, you can STILL go out and buy baseball bats, possibly knives, if you hurry, and MAYBE big Crescent wrenches for vehicular carry, after all, wrenches LOOK like they fit in as tools instead of weapons.

    Sarcasm intended. Several Californios are regulars on another forum I lurk around at, and they ALL are resolutely disgusted.

  3. armedandsafe

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    My understanding of the latest serialization law attempt is that it will be illegal to possess any without the serialization. Therefore all (legal) reloading will cease in California.

  4. LDB, I saw this coming 13 years ago and made the very difficult decision to get the hell out of California. I was born and raised in that state, still have family there, but even 13 years ago it had already become no fit place for any rational American to live. From what I hear it is much worse today. I understand where you are coming from on the family issues though, and I sympathize. Sounds like you are caught between a rock and a hard place.
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    And to think I catch all kinds of he!! from memebrs of another forum because I ceased selling to anyone in CA due to having to jump through the extra hoops to get an approival letter tpo ship to a CA FFL holder (i am a 01 FFL holder in KY). CA's own FFL holders lobbied FOR the new rules to enforse out of state FFl holders and ONLY 01 FFL holders (individuals and C&R holders can still ship to CA without an approved letetr, makes no sense at all) to have to get prior ap[proval. Seems they are loosing too much business to out of state dealers but then again we do not mark our goods up 100%. I run on a 10% mark up and lots of teh time get more like a 3% mark up at best. I have a maxium of $100 mark up so a $4k gun is only $100 over my cost, not 10% or $400. I keep m mark up low so I cannot afford to jump through extra hoops and keep extra paper work on file JUST to sell to CA. Most of teh CA memebrs of teh otehr forum whined that I was doing exactly as the liberals in CA want me to do, stop selling to CA BUT if CA's own FFL holders are lobbying FOR the rule change, I am not going to help them out at all. Maybe it is time for everyone in CA who is a firm believer in the 2nd to VOTE. Time for CA citizens to vote Arnold, Peloci, and all the otehr liberal azz wipes out of offfice. We in the other 49 states cannot vote in CA, only CA residents and illegal Mexicans can. Many do not and it is not up to teh rst of the country to fight your fight whe you will not even help fight it. Then again taht is typical liberal BS, they want some one to fight the fight as long as they do not have to get theri hands involved. IF not for family I have in CA, CA dropping off into the ocean would not bother me in the least bit. I love the weather in the bay Area, Sacramneto area, Redding area, and Tahoe are. I would live in one of those areas if not for CAs liberal BS. I visit my brotehr as often as I can but till CA quits trying to run the est of teh nations citizens lives, I will never live there.

    What is sad is Peloci is 2nd in line for the President Of the United States office should the sitting Presiden die. She is right behind the VP. Should a freak accident kill both the President and the VP at the same time, she would be sworn in as the President of the U.S. Suprised she has not tried something to make that happen, really suprised being she is as cunning, ignorant, and stupid a witch as she is.
  6. Marlin

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    Mar 27, 2003
    At SouthernMoss' side forever!

    Don't say that too loud, jj, or she might hear you and start plotting..... :( :( :(
  7. Tom Militano

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    I have an old retired military friend, of forty years, that lives in CA. He has two purple hearts from Vietnam, two bronze stars, with "V"'s for valor, and after the military he was a police chief for twenty years. He also has a Class 01 license and I can buy things with my C & R license that he can't in CA. I couldn't live in CA. The Northern part of the state is beautiful, but the idiots that make the laws for the rest of the state ruin it for most of the other people.
  8. Exactly why I left, Tom. California truly is a beautiful state, especially in the north, along the coast, and in the Sierras. The political climate, however, is nothing short of socialistic and suppressive.
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