More concealability for the Bersa Thunder .380... Grips, mag base plates, etc...

Discussion in 'Self Defense Tactics & Weapons' started by ponycar17, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Guys, I'm at a point where I'm considering selling my Bersa Thunder .380 7 rnd. nickel plated pistol. The reason is that it's totally useless for effective .380 concealed carry as far as I'm concerned. That is, without reverting to an IWB rig, which would make absolutely no sense to do, considering 9mm and even .45 offerings that meet the requirements for IWB carry.

    The Bersa Thunder .380 has VERY fat grips that are ergonomic but not conducive to easy concealed carry. Bersa fixed this with the introduction of the CC model. They simply flattened the grips and put recesses into them for thumb rests. I like those. The CC model is not very ergonomic, but meets the requirements for concealability.

    Bersa also got rid of the magazine finger rest which I very much despise when they introduced the Thunder 380 CC. I would like a magazine for the Thunder .380 that has no pinky rest but rather a flat base plate.

    Is there any hope for this wish list? I've searched around on the net and found nothing like this. Do these parts exist? Please help... :)

    My next option is to sell the Bersa and purchase a Kel-Tec PF-9 which seems to have all the features I'm asking for with additional firepower to boot. ;)
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