More firearms trivia...

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    This is fun...

    1) What US Issue rifle could have the action removed and fired as a desperation pistol, and actually WAS at least one time in combat?

    2) What US Issue weapon had three different (or was that 4? ) ignition systems in it's lifetime? (For extra credit, NAME the systems... ) (Hint: It was even issued sparingly with a coffee grinder in the butt...for like one per company or something...)

    3)What was the original caliber of John Garands famous rifle?

    4.)Why was the first "Bazooka" made in 2.36" diameter?

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    #2 was the Sharps

    #3 (I really shouldn't answer this since my Dad was a draftsman at the Springfield Armory working for J.C. Garand on the M1 Project during the switchover to .30-06.) "Dugout Doug" was Chief of Staff for the Army at the time and felt that with millions of rounds of .30-06 in stock, and a possible war looming, that was not a good time to be changing calibers....also it would have meant that our LMGs and main battle rifle would've had different rounds. He was right (for a change). The original design M1 round was .276 Pederson.

    #4 So it would take a 60mm morter warhead?