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    Here is ANOTHER stark example of the traditional media, its proven bias and just plain liberal/socialist attempts at character assasination of one of the greatest constitutionalists alive today. It is the lead editorial in WorldNetDaily, today.

    The "old line media" make me sick every day......

    When N.J. background helps

    [size=-1]March 28, 2006[/size]
    [font=Palatino,]By Joseph Farah

    I always knew that growing up in New Jersey would some day prove helpful to me in my worldly pursuits.

    Such an occasion finally arose this week.

    The Boston Herald published a story accusing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia of making an obscene gesture after Mass on Sunday.

    "Minutes after receiving the Eucharist at a special Mass for lawyers and politicians at Cathedral of the Holy Cross, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had a special blessing of his own for those who question his impartiality when it comes to matters of church and state," the story charged.

    "'You know what I say to those people?' Scalia, 70, replied, making an obscene gesture under his chin when asked by a Herald reporter if he fends off a lot of flak for publicly celebrating his conservative Roman Catholic beliefs," it continued.

    "'That's Sicilian,' the Italian jurist said, interpreting for the 'Sopranos' challenged," reported the Herald.

    Now, when I read this report, let's just say I was a little skeptical.

    Just what was this "obscene gesture" made by Scalia?

    I had my suspicions.

    There's only one real obscene gesture I know about that uses a finger. And since this story didn't mention a middle finger, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what the Sicilian gesture was.

    I'd seen it plenty growing up in New Jersey.

    And while this particular gesture involving multiple fingers in interaction with the human chin is often accompanied by obscene words, I knew that, in and of itself, there was nothing obscene about it.

    It basically means: "Bug off. I don't want to deal with you any more."

    But that's not the way it was reported – not by the Boston Herald not by some others.

    The Herald's headline, by the way, suggested that Scalia had "flipped off" the reporter. Yet the story never suggested the use of the extended middle finger salute.

    "The conduct unbecoming a 20-year veteran of the country's highest court – and just feet from the Mother Church's altar – was captured by a photographer for the archdiocese of Boston newspaper the Pilot, whose publisher is newly minted Cardinal Sean O'Malley," the Herald story continued.

    You would think this was quite a scandal by reading the report. Yet, what is scandalous about anyone making a gesture that essentially means, "Leave me alone. Get off my case"?

    Amazing. Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg falls asleep in the middle of a Supreme Court argument and no one reports it at the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, etc. But a conservative justice makes an innocent gesture to a reporter and it is mischaracterized as "obscene."

    Now, I admit I've never seen a single episode of "The Sopranos." But I have seen parts one and two of "The Godfather" at least 500 times. And because I grew up in New Jersey, I essentially got to live "The Sopranos" script before it was ever written.

    Maybe the editorial staff at the Boston Herald needs to take some courses in remedial Sicilian insults.

    There is absolutely no sexual connotation to the gesture reportedly made by Scalia. It would be a stretch to call it "vulgar." Maybe "crass." But obscene? No way.

    Of course, how many reporters today know the difference between obscenity, vulgarity and profanity? Most think they are synonyms for each other when, in fact, they have quite different and precise meanings.

    But what do I know about it? I mean I'm just a purveyor of Internet rumors, right?

    Well, it just so happens that I did spend 30 years working in the old newspaper business when the standards of writing, reporting and accuracy were somewhat higher than they are today. In fact, I ran some of those great old papers – some of them substantially bigger than the Boston Herald, by the way.

    I've tried to bring those old-fashioned standards and practices to the New Media. In fact, I think I'm alone in having done that. (Maybe someone could straighten me out if I'm unfairly overlooking worthy competition.)

    A day doesn't go by when the Old Media – the dinosaurs – don't attempt to slime the Internet for having no standards. Yet, every day, we see shoddy, selective, biased, unfair, inaccurate reporting like this Boston Herald story. Well, today I can say it proudly: Don't blame me. I'm from New Jersey.

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    OH YEAH!!!! Great post judgy, I wooda LMAO if it wasn't so true and somehow so sad. Justice Scalia has forgotten more about law than some of those twits who now serve.
    Da resta yooz gotts2 reliz, Joisey is NOT an attitude, Joisey IS attitude an weB dam proudait
    Just try sayin mexico (sawree boutdat chippflipper)hampshire york foksll wander watchur flappinbout. BUT say JOISEY, everdam1 inda place nose zakly wots goin down. andats da troot!!!! woodI kid U?? :cool:

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