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    My brother recently found a handgun and wanted to know as much about it as he could. We're not sure if the gun is a fake or if it is authentic. I'll tell you what we've been able to find out about the gun so far. It has L. GASSER, WIEN on it which we've found to be Leopold Gasser, however we've found only that Wien is the capitol city of Austria, Gasser did make pistols for the Austrian military. Also he lived near Vienna, so our best guess is that is where the gun was produced. Gasser died in 1871 and I believe he started creating his own guns in 1862. His son took over his business after he died and later became Rast and Gasser. The gun has an apple with an arrow through it. Below the apple S. MARKE is written. From what I've been able to find it stands for Schulz Marke, a german phrase for "trademark." I've been searching around for a few days and cannot find any Gasser gun like this one. The only difference is the hammer falls on the top of the revolving chamber rather than on the back of the chamber. It is a six chamber. It's serial number is 103941. I think that is about all we've been able to come up with. I would be more than excited if someone had any information that could correct or enlighten us. If there were any way we could get a ballpark pricetag on it that would be fantastic.

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    Jul 17, 2007
    Also, I have more pictures if needed.

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    Lefaucheux open face type pinfire revolver

    6 shot approx 9-11mm

    SCHUTZMARKE can also be marked by SCW

    The letters LG is used on different parts of the gun for Leopold Gasser

    Also Gasser used the arrow through the heart as a marking

    Since it doesnt have a front site its a close range posibly smooth bore. Need a picture.

    Later models adopted by the Austrian army in 1870 were rifled using center precussion round in 5 and 6 shot models.

    This model is older than others that I have looked at online. It would be in a posible range of 1855 to 1865. There are some odd features in the pictures that I have not seen in other Gasser revolvers, or even on other Lefaucheux system types, which would make it more rare.

    I would have to guess a minimum of $1200 and a midrange as much as $2200 depending on the other markings. Take the grips off for more markings. The value goes up as you ID the markings. Price will also depend on the demand and economy. Some of the L Gasser prices were going in the $2300-$3100. These had engravings and were plated.

    I have seen alot of antique gun prices going back down lately because of the market starting to flood because of both the economy and politics.
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